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Anthracite 1st Edition Hot Wheels Car

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Hot Wheels Acceleracers Anthracite


2005 Silencerz Classic Toy Cars

Hot Wheels Anthracite is a 1/64 scale die-cast toy car from the original 2005 Hot Wheels Acceleracers series and is car #3 of the Hot Wheels Silencerz line and # G8125 in the Hot Wheels collection. The flake silver-colored Anthracite was designed by Mattel Designer Nathan Proch. The Anthracite was made in 11 different versions from 2005 to 2016 and appears in the Hot Wheels Acceleracers cartoons.

Anthracite is a Hot Wheels original casting that appeared in the 2005 AcceleRacers Series in the Silencerz sub-theme.

In AcceleRacers, the car is powered by a 8-liter beryllium straight 8 engine with 853 horsepower. The car is made of clamshell thermoformed impact-resistant poly-carbon body on a steel spine frame. The driver of this car remains unclear.

Anthracite can be purchased as part of the 3 car Silencerz set or individually along with the Nitrium, Iridium, and Hot Wheels Acceleracers cars.

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Hot Wheels Anthracite Silencerz

Silencerz consists of 9 different models and is part of the Acceleracers series of Hot Wheels Toy cars manufactured by the Mattel Toy Company in El Segundo California. The Acceleracers was introduced by Mattel in 2004 and were distributed through retail sales as part of a promotion by McDonald’s and Warner Brothers.

Other Acceleracers cars sets manufactured by Hot Wheels include Teku, Racing Drones, and the Metal Maniacs.

These care are currently on sale for $9.95 and make great holiday gifts!

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  1. My son has a habbit of making collection of cars especially hot wheels and asked me to buy me a new one so I’ve brought this and gave to him he absolutely loves it. Good service from this website guys buy it on this website honestly its a good one

  2. My grandson love’s the hollow back. really well built stands up for to a 4 years old wonderfully. easy for little fingers to get the cars on and moves easily.

  3. Anthracite is dope car that I would like to recommend to all guys who are crazy about racing cars. After watching the 2005 AcceleRacers Series, I started hunting for this perfectly shaped car toy. I bought many of these but could not find the best one. Then I ordered it from this website and it was the best decision. I have finally found the right and authentic Hot Wheels car. Many fake providers guarantee that their cars are from Hot Wheels but turns out they are not. This is the right place to buy genuine Hot Wheels cars and you will love it like I do.

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