Hot Wheels Racing Drone Set


Hot Wheels Racing Drone Set


 Acceleracers Racing Drone Set

RD-04 & RD-06 2 Car Set

1st Edition Hot Wheels Car

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Hot Wheels Acceleracers Racing Drone Cars

The set includes Two 1/64 scale 2005 Classic Hot Wheels Racing Drones Cars comprised of 1 each of RD-04 and RD-06. The Hot Wheels Acceleracers Racing Drone toy cars are manufactured by Mattel in El Segundo, California. Many of the cars were featured in the 2005 Hot Wheels Acceleracers Cartoon. The Racing Drone 2 car set is on sale for $27.95.

The Classic cars in this set are from the original 2005 issue of Hot Wheels Acceleracers Teku toy car issue.

The 2 cars we are selling together as the Racing Drone Set includes the following:

Designer: Harald Belker

RD-04 is car #4 in the Racing Drone series and # G8110 in the Hot Wheels Collection. The RD-04 Racing Drone was made in 9 different versions from 2005 to 2014. The RD-04 sold with this set was issued in 2005 and is a military-style painted Flat Black SUV with Green windows and Green Tampos. The RD-04 was never featured in the Acceleracers movie.

Designer: Mark Jones

RD-06 is car # 6 in the Teku series and # G8112 in the Hot Wheels Collection. RD-06 Racing Drone was made in 9 different versions from 2005 to 2014. The RD-06 sold with this set was issued in 2005 and is painted black with green windows.

Racing Drones is a line of 1/64 scale diecast toys from the Hot Wheels Acceleracers car series. The other lines in the Acceleracers series are the Metal Maniacs, Teku, and Silencerz.

The 2 car set of Racing Drones cars being sold here are the RD-04 and RD-06

All Hot Wheels Acceleracers cars sold on this site are guaranteed to be brand new but have been removed from their original packaging.

Cars are sent out to the continental United States with 48 hours of purchase.


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4 reviews for Hot Wheels Racing Drone Set

  1. george

    Very cool. Grandson loves it! I got it for my 3 yr old grandson. It was awesome It will carry all their hot wheel cars. I may need another one soon!

  2. alexander

    We love collecting cars racing battles and epic battles it warms my heart to see my own child to creating same memories my 5year old son loves race cars of all types

  3. jessica

    If you’re a fan, or know a fan of Hot Wheels, this is a great find. I’m not sure why, but my daughter has been obsessed with cars from the time she was 16 months old (we discovered this at friend’s house who had a couple of boys)

  4. Mark Walsh

    I was looking for a gift for my sister’s twin sons. I could not find something that they could both use without fighting. They both love cars and that is when I thought of buying this cool drone set. While my sister was unwrapping the gift, they were so excited. They jumped out of joy when they saw the beautiful Hot Wheels toys. Both of them were clearly very happy with my gift. I turned out to be a good uncle for them. You can definitely buy this great product without any worries. The twins have been playing with these from a couple of months.

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